Return and Refund Policy

How to return or exchange products?

If the product you received is not the one you ordered, or the product is damaged, or in case you are not satisfied with it, you have an option to return the product to us, or exchange the same. This return process is done, based on Brand Store Return Policy. Upon confirmation, we will instruct our Logistics Partner, to collect the products from your location. The product should be returned within seven working days, from the date of receiving the same.

When the product is returned back to us, it must have all the original covers and tags, which were attached to it, when it was delivered. After receiving the returned product, our team will inspect the same. If we are sure, that the product is in perfect condition we will start the process for refund / exchange. The mail including contents like, the Order number, Product details and reason for exchange / return, must be sent to us within two Days (after receiving the product), on for any return request.

What are the conditions under which return is not possible?

We will not consider the return request, under the following conditions, mentioned below;

  • If we do not receive the request mail from you, within two days after delivery.
  • If we find that the product, returned by you has been damaged, misused, tampered, the covers or the tags are missing, or the product is not in a saleable condition, then we will not be processing the request.
  • If the product is returned after 7 days, we will not be considering the request.
  • If the product you purchased, comes under the non-returnable list of products, than we will not process the request.

Products that come under non-returnable request are:

  • Socks
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Underwear
  • Makeups
  • Perfumes

How long will the return process take?

After receiving back the product from your end, we will process the same for Refund / Exchange as desired by you, within 4 working days and if eligible, we will send you the exchanged product through our logistics partner, as soon as it is made available with us. 

How do I get the refund?

If the product you returned satisfies all the Brand Store return policy conditions, the return request will be completed and you will receive the intimation of credit, within the next 7 working days. The credit you receive, can be used for another purchase, or will be transferred to the original mode of payment, after Brand Store verification. If you have any enquiries on refund, mail us at

What is the return time limit for a product?

The product can be returned within 7 days of purchase. If you fail to return within this time limit, we will not be processing your return request. However, due to certain un-avoidable circumstances, it is not possible for you, to return the product within 7 days, then mail us at and the same can be considered, based on the genuine circumstances of the matter. 

How will the money be refunded?

Brand Store will refund your money, as a credit, which can be used to purchase a new product, or in case of a refund, the amount will be transferred to you, only through the original mode of payment. The same will be processed within 10 to 45 days, depending on the issuing bank of the credit card.

How do I exchange a product?

Brand Store is also providing exchange options. The Same Return policy applies for the exchange also. You can exchange the products within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Do I need to pay any extra charges for exchanges or returns?

No, Brand Store will not be charging any extra charges for exchange if the product satisfies the Brand Store return policy, or the exchanged product is of the same value. Any difference in the price of the product exchanged with, will be charged to you. However, we will be including the shipping charges, for returning the exchanged product.