Dr Rashel - Natural Face Toner - Wheat & Rose Collagen - 200ml

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Rose & Wheat Collagen Toner:
  • Contain full energy of organic pure rose essence, petals perfect presentation in the bottle, magnificent fresh, beautiful sparkling, rich in purified essential oils and rose petals, full of natural moisturizing ingredients for the skin perfusion moisture, continuously supply essence to the underlying skin, persistent skin moist and soft, improve uneven spots and dull complexion, make skin is more delicate whitening, more flexible and shiny.
Rose Extract:
  • Restore skin elasticity, making skin smooth and delicate; rose essence containing calcium and magnesium and other minerals. Suitable for all kinds of skin, especially for dry, aging and dull skin.
Collagen Effect:
  • Can supply the skin collagen of loss effectively, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle, improve skin laxity, deep moisturize skin, let the skin become tight, faint lines problem, also make rough skin becomes delicate, smooth and elastic.
Wheat Effect:
  • Wheat germ extract essence with hydrating effect, can lock the water obviously, have effect of moisture on the skin for a long time rich in natural VE can be effective against skin aging.
Usage: This product is suitable for face and body use, after cleansing and bathing, take the appropriate amount onto face and body parts, gently massage till completely absorbed.
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